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Hello from HyperONN AI Courses

We Empower AI Aspirants to Catch Up the AI trends , ASAP

HyperONN is a cool place to learn AI and allied technologies online to unleash the AI beast within you

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To entrust on an AI literate society for an AI augmented humanity with responsible actions towards research, business and learning


To enable everyone to take informed decisions on AI help and to foster AI knowledge transfer beyond any boundaries whatsoever


To run AI and allied online courses on self hosted & partnered environment crossing the barriers of age, educational background & coding experience.


To uncover AI from mundane jargons for both TECH and NON-TECH AI aspirants to solidify their basic & holistic understanding of AI

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MSME, Govt. of India
India AI, Govt. of India

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Upskill yourself with AI, ML, Generative AI, LLM and Programming Courses

HyperONN courses unlock your future with AI, Generative AI, LLMs & Programming! No techie jargon, just future-proof skills for everyone. Join our vibrant community, learn from experts, and become the architect of tomorrow. ✨ Explore courses & unleash your Hyper potential!

Focus of Upcoming Courses

Online Certificate Courses


B2B Online Courses


University Tie Up Courses


Unlock Your AI Potentials with our Super Courses

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence [30 Hrs]

Free Self Paced Certificate No Coding

Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Network [30 Hrs]

499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 1st April 2024

Fundamentals of Generative Models [30 Hrs]

499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 1st April 2024

Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering [30 Hrs]

499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 1st April 2024
499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 1st May 2024
499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 15th May 2024
499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 15th April 2024
499/- Self Paced Certificate No Coding
Upcoming on 15th April 2024

Here is HyperONN Edges for you

  • We constantly research for

    Comprehensive Curriculum:

    The courses cover all essential aspects of AI, including theory, practical applications, and real-world use cases, providing students with a holistic understanding of the subject.

  • Our super instructors prepare

    Diverse Learning Materials:

    The courses offer engaging learning materials and cater diverse learning styles such as notes, videos, and use cases, making the learning experience more interactive and effective.

  • We honor your engagements

    Flexible Learning Schedule:

    The course offers a flexible learning schedule, allowing students to study at their own pace and balance their academic and personal commitments.

  • Outcome based scientific pedagogy

    Structured learning:

    The course structure and organization, makes it easy for students to follow the logical progression of AI from basics to real-world application diving into the depth of the subject gradually.

  • We believe in best resources

    Experienced Instructors:

    The course has been designed by experienced AI professionals and/or educators in HyperONN, ensuring that students receive high-quality instruction and guidance throughout the course.

  • A unique transcription


    The students will receive a certificate from HyperONN after receiving the passing grade in the Course End Examination upon completion of the course. It can enhance their resume and demonstrate their proficiency in AI to potential employers.

Frequently Asked Questions About HyperONN Courses

  • If I need to take multiple free or paid courses, in that case do I need to register multiple times?

    No. You have to register to our Learning Management System (LMS) only for once to have a lifetime account. But you have to enroll to different courses separately (free or paid) to take them.

  • What is the maximum permissible time for completing a course from date of enrolling to a course?

    All the HyperONN courses are of 30 Hrs. These courses can be taken at self paced manner. But even if you can control the pace with which you would be taking the course, it should be completed within six months from enrolling to a course. That means even if your register to our LMS for life time, your courses live for six months from the date of enrollment.

  • Do you have any platform for hands-on practice at your end?

    No. right now, we do not have any such facilities, but in coming few months, we will definitely launch our hands-on practice platform integrated within our courses.

  • If I have any issue, whom should I contact?

    If you are having any course specific issue, please use Issue Resolver Forum within the course itself. HyperONN experts will resolve your course specific issue there only. If you have any general issue, please contact us through this link, mentioning your issue.

  • Can I enroll for multiple courses at the same time?

    Yes. You have to register to our learning platform once, and there you can explore the different courses that we have. If you wish, you can always take multiple courses for sure. Any combination of free and paid courses are allowed.

  • What happens if I can not pass the course end exam?

    All HyperONN courses come with 2 course end exam attempts at the maximum. Still if you can not pass, which is very unlikely, you should contact us. We will ensure your spirit of learning not falling behind.

We are happy to help you

We are a privately held company based at Kolkata, India and 100% online in nature. For any issues related to our course and/or partnership possibilities, you can always reach us by filling up the form

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